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Arrival of 2015 Cashew seaon crops!! Quality outturn rate.


Raw cashew nuts with shell

Origin: Ghana

Outturn: 46-52lbs

Nutcount: 160-200

Moisture: 7%

Packaging: 80kg sack; 17-18MT/20 FCL

100% Unrefined shea butter,

Traditional method of extraction with no chemicals and color. Edible as well as direct use on skin. Mild nutty smell.

Origin: Ghana

Packaging: 25kg polyethylene lined carton box (bulk)


Packaged Unrefined shea butter.

Extra soft for easy absorption into skin and rubs easily in palms. 100% pure unrefined with no preservative and color.

Origin: Ghana

Packaging: 250g/ 50 pieces in abox

African black soap with neem and moringa extracts.

Traditionally produced with all natural native African ingredients.

Origin: Ghana

Package: 150g/50 in a box.

Moringa Oleifera leaf powder

Milled from well dried carefully selected leaves.

Pure with no preservatives, chemical addictives and color. Dissolves easily in water.

Origin: Ghana

Package: 1kg, 25kg sacks

Moringa seeds

99% whole seeds and germination rate

PKM1 and conventional type available

Origin: Ghana

Package: 25kg polyethylene lined bag

Moringa Oleifera dry leaves

Well sun dried and selected authentic and organic leaves

Origin: Ghana

Package: 25kg polyethylene lined sack